Research based reporting tool that helped farms across the country to improve their economic productivity.

About NARC

Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) was established in 1991 as an autonomous organization under "Nepal Agricultural Research Council Act - 1991" to conduct agricultural research in the country to uplift the economic level of the people.


NARC being a leading agricultural government organization in the country was having problem tracking the research implementation reports in farm across the country, the collected data if processed efficiently was going to provide a blueprint to know the factors to improve the farm overall productivity.


Alignstech developed a smart reporting tool implementing the research based algorithm of NARC scientist.The project is deployed at the Eastern, Central, Western,Mid western, Far-western development region and the record from the district are synced in the main server in monthly basics where the final report is analyzed.  

The system generates herd metrics such as

  • Individual Herd Information

  • Overall Herd Structure

  • Average Weight of all herds

  • Average Weight of Individual Herds ¬†Prolificacy

  • Kidding Records of individual herd

  • Overall Kidding Record

All the reporting are very beneficial for the local community to know the most beneficial herd type and increase their farm productivity

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